UX Designer & Developer


I've been a designer for 15 years, transitioning between a few disciplines along the way. With a formal education in graphic design, I got my feet wet practicing traditional print design and exploring fundamental design principles. Afterwards, I designed exhibits and created 3D renderings for trade shows and corporate events, learning how to design immersive and engaging experiences, centered around people.

When mobile apps came onto the scene, I was immediately intrigued. I paired my graphic design knowledge with my love for problem solving and created Ziptrip, a Chicago transit tracking app (currently undergoing its 3rd major revision).

Then I got the amazing opportunity to redesign one of the largest grocery e-commerce applications. While doing so I earned a M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction, gaining the knowledge and tools to tackle problems through user-centered design. 


My Principles

Be Pragmatic
I'm addicted to getting my hands dirty, diving into code, and creating pixel-perfect designs. Understanding the technologies that drive a product enable me to create practical design solutions.

Embrace Constraints
Limiting functionality, choosing just a few colors, or selecting only a couple fonts makes solving problems a bit harder, but produces creative and focused solutions.  

Know the User
Understanding users' needs and how they think facilitates predictable and enjoyable experiences.