Project Level Up

Health & fitness challenges for the workplace



Branding, UI & UX design, Nativescript development

The Problem

Workplace wellness is a big deal, but many businesses lack knowledge in the area and don't have accessible options for their employees. We developed a health and fitness challenge that people can do from home, while also becoming more engaged with their coworkers.

The goal of the challenge is to inspire a healthier way of life for everyone in an organization. A healthier employee base means increased production at work, better camaraderie amongst coworkers, less sick days and an overall better sense of well being for everyone involved.

Research & Planning

We started by beta testing an existing MVP version of our app with a few clients. After the challenge was over, we reached out to each one to gather feedback. We also sent a survey to all the participants to gather qualitative data on their experience. 

Taking their feedback into account, we got to planning. Lots of white board sessions and sketching!

The employee app had to be planned, as well as a company facing portal that allowed management to sign up for company challenges. 


Design & Development

With a limited team, we decided to use Nativescript to develop the app. This allowed us to design for iOS, Android, and the Web in the same codebase. 

High-fidelity prototypes and animations were created to communicate the app's main features and also used as marketing materials.


App icon & logo design



Workouts & Activities
Employees can choose from 3 levels of workouts depending on their current physical condition. Every other day they complete a video workout, and choose from a fun activity on their off days. 

There's also a special weekly activity, like cleaning out unhealthy pantry items, that people participate in and share with their coworkers.

Meal Planning
Powered by the BigOven API, we had healthy meal plans designed to suit a variety of diets. Users can create shopping lists, view nutrition info and change serving sizes.

Stat Tracking & Fitness Testing
Keeping track of both physical appearance and key body measurements help users stay engaged and motivated throughout the challenge. Through data analysis and interviews, we found people cared most about tracking front and side photos, weight, and waist measurements.

Social Feed
We designed a social feed as a way for users to feel like they were participating in the challenge with coworkers, even though the experience was mostly in the app. Users receive points and badges throughout the challenge that get shared on the social feed. They can also post and comment about the weekly activities they accomplish.