Improving the transit experience


My Role

Branding, UI & UX design, Nativescript development

When you live in a big city like Chicago, it's tough to get around. Thankfully, Chicago has an amazing public transportation system, with anywhere from 400,000 to 900,000 daily bus riders. As good as the system is, it can be very confusing for new residents as well as people that have lived there for years. This is my attempt at making the system a bit clearer.


Ziptrip doesn't display data in long lists like most transit apps. It uses a map, and displays only the right amount of data at each moment. Sot it's easy to visualize bus routes and stops.

There aren't a thousand features that 80% of users won't ever use. Users can see real-time walking ETA to a selected stop, and quickly glance at arrival times to see if they'll catch the next bus.

Matching Expectations

Navigating a city by bus can be pretty difficult at times. People don't always know what bus routes are nearby, or which bus to take to get to their final destination. With Ziptrip, users can find nearby routes, or even choose to start off by filtering routes based on the direction they're headed.

Frequent Use

Thousands of people take the bus to commute back and forth to work every day. And once they get comfortable with the system, they'll hop on a bus to go to the park, meet some friends for dinner, or go grocery shopping.

Needless to say, the ability to save favorite stops, and quickly view arrival times can save frequent users a lot of time.